scholarships Tyler Fick Foundation

The Tyler P. Fick Scholarship fund shall provide an annual scholarship for a middle or upper school student at Maryvale Preparatory School who shows exceptional promise and whose family has financial need. For more information or to apply for the scholarship contact the admissions office at Maryvale.

2008 Recipient - Priscilla Chapman

2007 Recipient - Meredith M. Vitrano

2003 Recipient – Chloe’ Ann Etzler

The Tyler Page Suzanne Fick Award

This award will be given to a graduating senior "who, when confronted with unusual challenges during her years at Maryvale, faced them with dignity, determination, courage, optimism and grace."

This award will not be given every year; it will be given only when circumstances are such that an extraordinary graduating senior student merits it, making it even more special.

2011 Recipient - Lauren Sheredos

2009 Recipient - Ashtin Price

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