Tyler’s Daily Chores

  1. Thank God for the three beautiful things in your life everyday.
  2. DO IT NOW not later!
  3. Let people love you, let them show you how they care, let them listen to you, if needed.
  4. Carry an open mind on your shoulders. Look at things from a different perspective. You are NOT ALWAYS RIGHT. Embrace the times you are wrong.
  5. Do your medicine.
  6. Do not let yourself get thrown around. Always keep your values close to your heart, that way things will always seem simple.
  7. Remember that things are simple. There are no great things, only small things done with great love.
  8. Remember, this too shall pass.
  9. Hand out confidence to everyone, but never let anyone take yours away from you.
  10. Realize that not all boys are lethal.
  11. Tell your sister you love her and she is the greatest gift in your life.
  12. Remind your brother how your life would be different if he wasn’t in it, he has always been a role model to you.
  13. Pat yourself on your back.
  14. Pat those around you on the back. Let them know how proud of them you are.
  15. Never let fear rule your life. Conquer fears or they will conquer you.
  16. Live your life to the fullest, which means TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.
  17. Say thank you to your parents.
  18. Build foundations under your dreams. Take control of them. They are in your hands alone.
  19. Speak when you are sad, and cry your tears; do not be afraid. Those feelings are natural. Understand that it's okay to not be happy. Just being CONTENT is amazing.
  20. Control your anger/jealousy. You will only end up hurting yourself, and hurt the people around you. You know how you hate to do that, Tyler.
  21. Put God number one in your life, live your life with him as your ultimate role model.
  22. Never take advantage of the moments that God has given to you. Always be grateful.
  23. Work HARD. Don’t let yourself be graded on a curve.
  24. Finish what you start.
  25. Allow yourself time to write, do not feel guilty for wanting to do so. Finish writing, and then try to get them published. Do it, you never know… unless you try.
  26. Forgive and FORGET.
  27. Allow yourself to love outside of the Fab.
  28. ACT IN AN UNSELFISH MANNER AT ALL TIMES. You give to yourself when you give to others.
  29. Do not complain. You are lucky to be where you are today.
  30. Keep a constant eye on your goals; do not let friends, parties, etcetera get in the way of long-term and/or short-term goals.
  31. Always keep an updated chart of short-terms goals, erasing when completed and adding new ones when desired.
  32. Remember your cousins. One in particular, she’s been there since day one.
  33. Respect the rules your parents have set in their home.
  34. Speak with a cautious tongue. Do not speak to hurt others.
  35. See people as a mirror image of you.
  36. Do not make excuses for tasks unfinished.
  37. Do not make excuses.
  38. Do not approach anything with a defensive manner; let your feelings settle before you speak. Take as much time as you need.
  39. Be a leader in all that you do, stand firm.
  40. Understand how much of an impact you can have on this world with the RIGHT ATTITUDE.
  41. Do not accept failure in your life.
  42. When life gets hard, get hard on life. Never feel sorry for yourself.
  43. Do not expect others to fix you. Do not place expectations on friends.
  44. Be on time.
  45. Cherish time, but accept change. Do not run from your future. Nothing lasts forever!
  46. Do not try to change people. When you accept someone for who they are, you can then know what type of friend they will be.
  47. Be honest and genuine in all that you do. You may be shunned because of this, but it is the soul of who you are. Not everyone has to like you Tyler.
  48. Never loose your faith… it is your sight.

You'll be okay Tyler, You're doing fine…


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