Tyler Page Suzanne’s Long-term Goals

  1. To earn my masters in Secondary Teaching/English/Special Education/Creative Writing/Women Studies before I am 27.
  2. To become a mother of a minimum of five beautiful children. The eldest will be a girl, the youngest a boy. My first baby girl will be named Hanna Belle Suzanne, after my Nana and her mother, the second Honey. The first boy will be named Walus Andrew. Other names I am considering, Jetti and Clover.
  3. To become a wife to a man that has a deep system of morals, who will treat me equally, who will take care of his family and who will be an excellent father. I will marry someone who can appreciate my creativity and who is as creative or more creative than I am. He will be goal orientated, financially secure and hard working. He will be able to carry my family when I cannot. He will be my backbone.
  4. Before I am married, I want to live with my four best friends in a townhouse in fells point, Maryland.
  5. To live/travel abroad for a year. Venice, Amsterdam, or Ireland. I will see all three.
  6. To become an English/Creative writing teacher at Maryvale, teaching the high school level. I will become head of the English Department. I will be an active teacher helping out with clubs like Mock trial and literary magazine, going to athletic games, and by participating in spirit weeks and promoting school spirit. I will be a leader among the other teachers always participating in teacher meetings. My classroom will be filled with open minds, respect, and creative juices flowing everywhere. My students will check their egos at the door and unite to learn more about themselves and their peers. I will be a friend to my students.
  7. To become an active member in the Cystic Fibrosis Community. Going to Great Strides, participating in other fundraisers, and making speeches or holding a post among the foundation.
  8. To have my writing published and become a well known or critically acclaimed award-winning author.
  9. To own a house-boat and travel with my husband and grandkids on the ocean.
  10. To live in a house with a wrap around porch and a huge yard to hold fireworks on the Fourth of July.
  11. To share a summer home on a beach somewhere with the fab, and every summer we take all our kids there, the petite ya yas.
  12. To always be an active member in my family, Radebaugh's and Fick. Holding holidays and other events at my house and always accepting invitations to their events. Keeping in touch with my sister and brother always. They are the most important to me.
  13. To become an active member of my husband's family. Getting to know all family members' names, and becoming a brick in my in law family as well as my own.
  14. To own an orange convertible with a tan top and leather seats, an awesome system with a tape and compact disc player.
  15. To write children's stories with my character of Catherine the Cat, and have Katherine Elizabeth Handlir as the illustrator.
  16. To continue to write my letters to the Fab, so on the day I die, our lives can be told just by glancing over the hundreds of letters that span over countless decades.
  17. To never give up on the Fab, to always remain in contact with them, never let them go, and never let them forget each other.
  18. To have a million dollars by the time I retire.
  19. To become a person that will be missed when she is gone.

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