Tyler Page Suzanne’s Short-term Goals

  1. Pay my Father back in FULL
  2. To not receive ANY moving violations for three years
  3. To Receive an A in Special Ed
  4. To Receive an A in Psych for Special Ed
  5. To Receive an A in Music Appreciation
  6. To Receive an A in Biology/Lab
  7. To Stay out of the Hospital, at least until the Winter Break.
  8. To Apply to Towson University before October for the Spring Session 2003
  9. To pay my entire lawyer fees by the summer of 2003.
  10. To finish scrapbooks before 2003
  11. To move out, ideal time would be April – June
  12. To Start my Book
  13. To Finish the Fab Present and Tapes including power hour and volume five by December 24, 2002
  14. To Find me again
  15. To go to church every week


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